Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should You Quit Your Job or Not?

a). don’t like your job
b). don’t like your boss
c). think the job you have doesn’t fit your lifestyle
d). think your pay is too low
e). feel you can do more than that
f). agree with all of the above
Then you definitely need to QUIT & GET A BETTER JOB!
It’s completely normal to dislike a job, in fact, what you probably just got the wrong one and are in need for a change.

WARNING: Before quitting any job make sure you have some extra cash to pay your bills until you find a better one, a process wich can take several weeks or even months. Or you could ask some relatives or friends for help. They should help you out because if they care about you, than they don’t want you to hustle at an inappropriate workplace.

Most people are afraid to quit a job, it’s a normal feeling, but keeping a job that psychologically exhausts you is actually worse, insatisfaction at work will worsen your quality of life, and you will become very unhappy and unproductive.


Only small children might get helpless, because they depend on their parents for survival, but a mature, grown-up individual is never helpless, not in our century. I’ve never heard of anyone that died of hunger, or couldn’t find a job. You are not helpless, you should never be afraid of that. In fact, I can confidently say that any active person can find a job. But me and you, we want a better job, the one that fits our lifestyles and our needs.
Long time ago i struggled just like you, but I could never settle with a low paying job, i had no money for college, so i would quit a job and go to interviews for another one. I did that again and again, as it was clear to me that I wouldn’t be happy if I wouldn’t have liked my job. I’m sad that so many get stuck on the wrong job and get depressed, when they shouldn’t, that’s why I decided to publish this article in an attempt to help by sharing my own experience. 
Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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