Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jobs That Won't Exist In The Future

Browsing the internet i found a lot of information about job interviews, how to behave, how to create a good CV or resume. In fact, i found more information that i was hoping to find. It's a well written topic. I want to discuss something else, though: job security.

How secure are jobs? How long can one practice a job? With the ever increasing penetration of technology in our lives, more and more jobs are becoming obsolete and humans are being replaced by computers or robots.

There are more and more examples of this happening everyday: USPS plans to lay off thousands of workers. Why? Because more and more people are going paperless, they choose to receive their bank statements online, their phone, cable bills online.
You can pay most of your bills online today, no more need for mail. It's convenient for people, i pay all my bills online in 5 minutes. That's it, 5 minutes and it's done. It such a great convenience. Before i had to go to check cashing places to pay bills, which would consume my time (at least half an hour) and my money, in fees. The direct result of people paying online is that the need for regular mail decreases. So that results in USPS laying off workers.

Being a mailman was long considered a stable job, but that's no more, it's becoming one of the jobs being replaced by internet.

Warehouse workers it's another job facing extinction with the advent of warehouse robots. Warehouse robots can work 3 times as effective, don't get tired, don't need coffee brakes and lunches, are cheaper than paying people. This is another job where robots replace humans.

Self CheckOut - You see more and more of these across big stores in US. Nowadays, store owners want you to check out yourself to decrease costs associated with maintaining a fleet of cashiers. Slowly, cashiers is a job that's going the same way: down the toilet :)

More and more people choose to read the news online, thus diminishing the need for printed press, that results in ever lowering the demand of people that work to create newspapers.

Another trend is digital textbooks, which in the future will render many hardcopy specialists - useless.

That's why, when you choose a job, i recommend you to research the security of that job in the future, can  it be replaced by robots or computers algorithms? if so, think twice than dedicating many years of your life to that job.

Do you have more examples of this ? Sound off in comments.

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